December 13th, 2013

One Potato, Two

Photo credit: Devika_smile via Flickr

Sweet and vegetables? Oh, YES!! And the first thing that came to mind was sweet potatoes. Again, the biggest problem with this challenge was picking just one thing. So I did the only natural thing I could think of: I picked two.

The first sweet potato recipe was interesting because I don’t really have much experience with mung beans, let alone mung bean sprouts. But I do love sprouts, and then there was the maple syrup. And molasses. Those flavors just scream holidays to me, so paired with the delicate, earthy, natural sweetness of sweet potatoes … ’twas a complete no-brainer for me to pick these Sweet Potato Canapes with Home-made Barbecue Mung Bean Sprouts.

The other sweet selection pairs that lovely orange root veggie with another love of mine: miso. I adore the subtle nuttiness of this traditional Japanese seasoning, and these Miso Sweet Potato Bites conjure another Japanese word: Umami.

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