December 14th, 2012

We’re Nuts About The Holidays

In this feature, we take one food in three directions: sweet, savory and a spin. Sounds easy if you’re talking tomatoes — but a sweet burger? And with the spin, you may be in for a culinary adventure … or an atrocity. You just never know.

We’ve gone nutty this week, bringing you three different takes on the holiday nut bowl. Like ’em sweet? April spikes her nuts with a sugary rum concoction. For a spicy kick in the pants, Sarah makes a Thai-inspired peanut. And for the best of both worlds, it’s gotta be Amy’s sweet and savory bacon-roasted pecans. We’re sure one of our tantalizing blends will please someone on your gift list. And, there could be a gift in it for you, too, with this week’s contest.


By April

Holidays and rich, dark spirits belong together. So do booze and nuts. Sweet spiced nuts make a lovely gift as-is, but they’re even better spiked a bit with rum or bourbon.

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By Sarah

Forget the sweet spiced nuts you’re used to during the holidays! Bring on the heat with these spicy Thai-inspired peanuts. No hot cocoa or mittens required.

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By Amy

Sugar, spice, and everything nice … that’s what these nuts are made of! It’s a spin of compromise, with a sweet AND savory nut mix for those on your holiday list.

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