August 10th, 2012

Get Ready To Rumble — It’s A Food Fight!

Two Eaters go head-to-head in an attempt to one-up their opponent’s culinary skills. And you, dear reader, get to be judge and jury. Try the recipes yourself, then visit our Facebook page to cast your vote.

In this week’s challenge, Sarah and Amy go head-to-head in a little mano y mano combat over grilled sides. Why, you ask? Because meat doesn’t own the grill anymore (vegetarians, vegans and just plain veggie-lovers rejoice!).

From grilled french toast and artichoke hearts to whole ears of corn (even pound cake, believe it or not), you can make an entire meal over hot coals — or propane, as the case may be. And we’re pretty sure you’ll find something here to make your mouth water.

So read on and see what we’re serving up for grilled sides — with a side of smack talk! Then, try the recipes on for size and head to our Facebook page … because you, dear Eater, will decide who wins this week’s food competition. Game on!


Read My Marinated Veggies And Weep

by Sarah

In the veggie corner, Sarah attempts to take down her opponent with a simple recipe of marinated zucchini, peppers and leeks. Simple … but incredibly delicious.

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I See Your Veggies, And Raise You Cheese

by Amy

… And in the cheese corner, Amy pulls a surprise punch, coming out with a left hook that looks a lot like grilled feta. That’s kinda because it is. Game on!

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