August 1st, 2012

It’s Grilling Month … Week One: Burgers!

In this feature, we take one food in three directions: sweet, savory and a spin. Sounds easy if you’re talking tomatoes — but a sweet burger? And with the spin, you may be in for a culinary adventure … or an atrocity. You just never know.

For our inaugural post, we offer up a classic just about everyone can get behind — the hamburger. With so many different options, what’s not to love? For the easy to please, there’s plain old fashioned ground beef. If you’d rather skip the beef, try turkey, bison or lamb. And if meat’s not your thing, how about a hearty black bean burger?

And what better way to tackle this summer grilling staple than with our Sweet, Savory and Spin feature?  How on earth do you make a burger sweet? Elevate a savory burger to a whole new level? Or just make a burger … without a grill? You’ll just have to look inside to see.



By Sarah

A sweet burger … really? Sarah takes this burger to a sweet new level using homemade bread and butter pickles.

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By Amy

Amy takes her savory burger challenge on location … to a dude ranch in the wilds of Wyoming. Saddle up, cowpokes!

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By April

What’s an apartment dweller to do when all the food writers are cooking over an open flame — and you’ve got no grill?

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