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    September 5, 2014 A six month adventure to discover a healthier you. Experts share insights as we explore patterns, and make incremental changes to break them. Will you take the challenge?

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    September 5, 2014 Fermented foods are essential to encouraging the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Here, we talk to two experts to find out why that matters ... and what we can do to stay healthy.

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    One Post, Two Months: Seafood, Meet Foods That Cool

December 19th, 2014

Meet The Chef: Glenn Rolnick & Sea Bass Cioppino With White Wine — COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY!

Photo provided courtesy of Carmine's.

Founding foodie Amy sits down with Carmine’s Chef Glenn Rolnick to talk big family dinners and festive meals. His love of cooking grew from his childhood home, chipping in around the kitchen and whipping up meals. In the midst of the holiday season, he shares tips on getting your family around the table, a goal he had in mind when collaborating on Carmine’s original cookbook. Check out the chef’s favorite recipe from the book … and how YOU can win a copy of your very own! Continue reading Read more

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We The Eaters
December 12th, 2014

If At First You Don’t Suceed, Glaze Your Pork Again


Cooking with liqueurs is fun, but it can take time to learn the right ingredient-alcohol combinations — especially if you’re new to the whole “legal drinking scene.” On her first try, We the Eaters’ intern, Sarah, found that Chambord and glazed pork weren’t quite the right fit — but on round two, triple sec definitely brought home the bacon (ok, pork chop). Continue reading Read more

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We The Eaters
December 5th, 2014

Slowing Down With Whiskey In My Roast


Developing a love for whiskey can take time, but it can be well worth learning how to detect the subtle flavors and aromas of the many varieties. From hearty Irish whiskeys to peaty Scotch, sweeter Bourbons to spicy Ryes … there are so many that may complement your dish. Founding foodie Sarah took the time to sniff and sip all ten bottles in her liquor cabinet looking for the perfect whiskey to pour into her slow cooker pot roast. The results were hearty, warming and supremely satisfying … the perfect cure for a hangover. Continue reading Read more

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Need a little spirit injected into your holiday season? All month long we'll be cooking with liquor ... a splash here, a splash there. And don't forget to taste!