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    September 5, 2014 A six month adventure to discover a healthier you. Experts share insights as we explore patterns, and make incremental changes to break them. Will you take the challenge?

  • Why Fermentation?


    September 5, 2014 Fermented foods are essential to encouraging the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Here, we talk to two experts to find out why that matters ... and what we can do to stay healthy.

  • One Post, Two Months: Seafood, Meet Foods That Cool


    August 1, 2014 What better way to segue into August's "Foods That Cool" topic than by carrying over something from our seafood spectacular in July? Eater Tessa does it flawlessly this week with her finely tuned Paleo recipe for ceviche ... serve ...

    One Post, Two Months: Seafood, Meet Foods That Cool

October 17th, 2014

How To Brew Monster Tea: Kombucha


Is it an alien life-form? Or perhaps a monster washed ashore from the sea? It’s a SCOBY … and it’s the key ingredient in making kombucha, a healthy beverage loaded with probiotics. Why wasn’t this featured last month? Fear factor! It may be loaded with health benefits, but home brewing can be risky and … it’s ALIVE. Continue reading Read more

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We The Eaters
October 10th, 2014

Oh, The Horror Of It All

Two Eaters go head-to-head in an attempt to one-up their opponent’s culinary skills. And you, dear reader, get to be judge and jury. Try the recipes yourself, then visit our Facebook page to cast your vote.

Both cooking and eating can be fraught with peril. We touched on this last week in looking at why food is a treacherous thing, but this week is the masters course.

In one corner, the kitchen disasters we’ve all experienced. In the other, the foods we tried — or saw — we wish we hadn’t (though some would eat again!) From kitchen horror stories … to equally chilling encounters with foods so strange, they’ll make you never want to eat again. (At least not tonight!)

Caveat emptor, and happy reading. Don’t forget to share YOUR story in the comment section!

Steven Depolo via Flickr

Food Gone Wrong

by Amy

This week, we’re dishing up Eater’s food horror stories — from the dishes than went wrong, to the one that just was wrong. It’s another reminder that, in the kitchen, we all have epic fails. All. Of. Us.

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Food Gone Wild

by Amy

DISCLAIMER: You’ll either be really grossed out by this post … or completely fascinated. It’s a compilation of Eater’s adventures in unusual foods. Read — or relish — at your own risk. Bon appetite?

Read more
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We The Eaters
October 3rd, 2014

Food Poisoning, Food Allergies & Food Additives, Oh My!


The air is getting crisper (for most of us, anyway!), apples are ready for the plucking and the leaves have begun to change. As pumpkins sprout up on doorsteps, we’re dizzy anticipating fall. After all, October is one of our twelve favorite months, and just happens to have one of our favorite holidays as well: Halloween. This week, a look at the perils inherent in one of our beloved pastimes: EATING. Continue reading Read more

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Food brings us comfort and joy ... but there's a dark side. Things go awry in the kitchen. Food poisoning, food allergies and food additives, oh my! This month, we recount our most horrific food stories.

Eater Amy delves into the darker side of food with a look at how what we eat can quite literally kill us.

Eaters share their horror stories, from kitchen experiments gone wrong to downright disastrous dinners, and dish on the weirdest things they've ever eaten.

Borrowing from last month's fermentation theme, were making Kombucha ... with a side of slimy scoby.

"Wow! That smells delicious. What is that?" - We'll talk to a man who couldn't tell you -- since he lost his sense of smell! Oh, the horror of it all!

Synsepalum Dulcificum. Sound like an ingredient in a witch's brew? This magic perry makes pickles taste like candy.