July 17th, 2017

Winter Has Not Come Here … So, Boozy Watermelon Pops

Founding Foodie Sarah kicks her watermelon hydration game into full gear with these lime-ginger-mint watermelon popsicles … with a splash of vodka. So, while we wait for winter to arrive, sitting in “feels like” 100 degree temperatures, pop one of these suckers and proclaim yourself king or queen in the North. Continue reading Read more

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We The Eaters
May 8th, 2017

The Strawberry Gazpacho Of My Beach Dreams

This slightly cooler weather has Founding Foodie Sarah dreaming of beach season. It’s only a few short weeks away and the heat will come with it. Prepare yourself with a simple, easy and flavorful gazpacho, which is sure to cool you off and leave you satisfied. Continue reading Read more

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We The Eaters
August 29th, 2014

Kiwi + Peppers + Watercress = Foods That Cool; A Recipe Trilogy As Our Series Finale

In this feature, we take one food in three directions: sweet, savory and a spin. Sounds easy if you’re talking tomatoes — but a sweet burger? And with the spin, you may be in for a culinary adventure … or an atrocity. You just never know.

We close out our month with a Sweet, Savory & Spin post from your founding foodies. It’s no surprise to see Sarah tackling Sweet, and it’s clear she’s got the LOWdown on “Food That Cool” with a cold food and an equally chilling main ingredient. Amy’s got a surprise in mind for Savory: hot peppers! She visits The Spread in Norwalk, Ct., for something spicy to take the heat off. And, last but not least, April brings us to the finish line with the Spin … and a cool ingredient from our first post of the month. She adds in another cooling food, and kicks it up with some tangy feta for a simple end-of-summer salad.


By Sarah

There’s nothing better than capping off a hot summer day with a sticky sweet ice cream treat. Even better? Mix in a fruit with the power to cool you off even more. With that in mind, Sarah mixes up a batch of pale green kiwi ice cream to prove it can be done.

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By Amy

While hunting for a savory dish to include in August’s Sweet Savory & Spin feature, Amy stumbled upon The Spread in Norwalk, Conn. Their grilled shishito peppers — what owner Chris Hickey calls “pepper roulette” — were the perfect fit. Peppers are cooling? Who knew!

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By April

Yes, it’s true: summer is slipping away. So wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying it, than hovering over your stove? This super-quick recipe, combining both sweet and savory summer flavors, is just what you’re after. Spin it together, then head for the park. Stat.

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Watermelon is the perfect summer food. It hydrates, it cools, it's sweet and juicy. We have some great ideas for your table, including a salad, ceviche cups, popsicles and cocktails. Get ready to beat the heat with us!

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