May 8th, 2017

The Strawberry Gazpacho Of My Beach Dreams

This slightly cooler weather has Founding Foodie Sarah dreaming of beach season. It’s only a few short weeks away and the heat will come with it. Prepare yourself with a simple, easy and flavorful gazpacho, which is sure to cool you off and leave you satisfied. Continue reading Read more

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We The Eaters
August 29th, 2014

Ice, Ice Kiwi Cream Baby

There’s nothing better than capping off a hot summer day with a sticky sweet ice cream treat. Even better? Mix in a fruit with the power to cool you off even more. With that in mind, Sarah mixes up a batch of pale green kiwi ice cream to prove it can be done.

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We The Eaters
August 23rd, 2014

Chartreuse Swizzle

DD-08222014-Cocktail1Chartreuse Swizzle

Some advice: This is a great drink for a large group. To make things easier on yourself, batch it the night before by converting all of the ounces to cups and refrigerate. When  you are ready to use it, pull it out of the refrigerator, pour and follow the same directions as above. This way you won’t have to bartend your own party. Sit back, cool down and relax with an amazing cocktail that pleases almost any palate and is super approachable.

Also — and this is important to the quality of any cocktail you will ever make — always use fresh ingredients. Don’t use the lime juice that’s been chillin’ in your fridge for the last year. Trust me.

1oz Green Chartreuse
1oz Appleton Rum
.25oz Falernum
1.5oz Pineapple juice
.5oz Lime juice
.25oz Simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, completely dissolved)
One hefty mint sprig
Crushed Ice

Pour all your ingredients into a mixing tin or shaker and shake without any ice. Shake vigorously. Pour mixture into glass and add crushed ice until glass is about 3⁄4 filled. Swizzle (or stir gently if you don’t have a swizzle stick) and top glass off with more crushed ice. Take your hefty sprig of mint and beat it gently on the outside of your filled glass (this will release all of the aromatic oils of the mint). Place the aromatic mint sprig into your glass as the perfect garnish.

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