Photograph by Daniel Bedell

Don’t be fooled by Sarah’s demure exterior or tiny stature.  She can really rock a chocolate chip cookie.  Imagine the best one you’ve ever tasted. Now quadruple that experience. Yes, really rockin’.

While she toils away as a software engineer by day, Sarah secretly longs to hone her cooking, baking and eating skills. At We the Eaters, she’s doing just that. And then some. Truly declaring her independence from bad food.

In recent years, cooking and eating right have become increasingly important to Sarah.  And we’re not just talking about eating healthy to lose weight. She also wants a better understanding of where the food we eat comes from, who produced it and how … Ultimately, what’s in this stuff?

Given how much she appreciates the taste of food and the experience of eating, she feels it’s important to honor that food in every way possible. This means whole, simple, great tasting food. Honoring the ingredients and letting the real flavors shine through.

That’s a constant quest, of course. It can be a real struggle to stay true to this manifesto, especially with the hectic, hard working-lives we all lead these days.  But it’s an adventure worth taking, especially with this rockin’ little cookie!