Photography by Daniel Bedell

Welcome to We The Eaters

We are three women and a community of interactive readers in search of delicious. We The Eaters is a place where food lovers can share their adventures in cooking and eating with the world. A place where audience participation is encouraged beyond the comment field. That’s because YOU, dear reader, are part of the experience … with our trusted community members participating as contributors.

Maybe you’re looking to cook for one … or 12. Or maybe you don’t want to cook at all. Or perhaps it’s a gelato adventure in Italy or a food truck crawl in Austin you’re after. This is the place where you can find it all, and feel good doing it — because here, you’re part of something bigger. Part of a community that gives back, donating time and a portion of all proceeds to charities that make a difference.

We The Eaters claim our independence from bad food, embracing local, sustainable, seasonal whole foods that nourish the body and inspire the palate. Our goal is to make eating fun, healthy and delicious … to help those with two left hands in the kitchen, while inspiring more experienced chefs to try something new. The culinary experiments we tackle may not always succeed, but we mutually pledge to embrace our fallen soufflés, laugh at burnt butter and celebrate a simple, perfectly cooked egg.