July 16th, 2014

Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza

Pre-made dough, or better yet — make your own
Toppings of your choice, sautee any veggies slightly (a little swirl in a pan for something like fig wouldn’t hurt, either)

Amy’s Tomato Sauce

4-5 roma tomatoes
2 cloves fresh garlic
A dash of olive oil
A few leaves fresh basil
Salt and pepper
Balsamic vinegar, if desired

Halve and scrape seeds out of tomatoes. I’m a fan of whole foods, so I use the whole tomato without removing the skins (you won’t even be able to tell it’s there.) Toss into a food processor or use a blender, adding tomatoes a few at a time. Microplane the garlic into the tomatoes. You can also mince it fine and scrape it against cutting board with your knife to form a paste. Add olive oil, basil leaves, salt and pepper. The sauce will look really pink — I mean, like watermelon sauce. You can darken it up a little by adding some balsamic, which gives it a more complex flavor, anyway.

There is absolutely no need to cook this sauce. It even tastes great with the grilled pita we talked about last week. I have cooked it down a bit to use with pasta, which, with a little fresh shaved Parmesan, was magical. And cooking does boost tomato’s cancer-fighting abilities, so have at it. Bon appetit!

Originally published in “A New Home For Pizza — On The Grill”


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