February 14th, 2014

The Reception

It’s Valentines Day, and though this “holiday” isn’t my fave, I have to admit … love is in the air. I went to five weddings last year — and got married myself. This year, there are already three big events in the works.

For me, one of the biggest concerns about our wedding was what to serve. I mean, as a founding foodie, I’d hate to disappoint my fans … err, guests! Adam and I “interviewed” about seven different caterers before falling in love with Harvest Moon Catering in Charlottesville, Va. Not everyone has that kind of time — or patience.

So we’ve put together a little road map for how to pick the best caterer for your big day — or any event — to ensure you’re serving a crowd-pleasing meal. And on our quest to help you plan that perfect menu, we’ll also take a delicious detour to meet the man behind the meat (and everything else) at our wedding: Chef Mike Perry.

Espresso encrusted short ribs. Need I say more?

Give Me The [Harvest] Moon: Picking A Caterer

by Amy

Chances are you’ve been to countless weddings, but when was the last time you enjoyed a memorable meal at one? The trick is selecting a great caterer. Founding foodie Amy reveals lessons learned in her quest for the perfect wedding menu, a tips from Harvest Moon Catering in Charlottesville, Va.

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Chef Mike Perry: The Evolution Of A Chef

by Amy

So where were we? Oh … espresso encrusted short ribs. Now that I have your attention, there’s this chef I’d like to introduce you to. Mike Perry explains how he went from a sandwich shop to chef de cuisine at Charlottesville’s Harvest Moon Catering — and teaches us how to make those ribs!

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One comment on “The Reception
  1. April Muniz says:

    Thanks for recognizing these two gents and the amazing work we do at Harvest Moon. As an Event Coordinator (and sometimes Event Chef) at HMC I can attest to the fact that we have an amazing team of people who put a lot of creative energy into everything that we do and as an added bonus, we have fun while doing it.