February 21st, 2014

The Cake, The Pie

Two Eaters go head-to-head in an attempt to one-up their opponent’s culinary skills. And you, dear reader, get to be judge and jury. Try the recipes yourself, then visit our Facebook page to cast your vote.

Are you looking for cake-making tips for a do-it-yourself wedding cake? Or for sweet alternatives to the traditional wedding dessert? This food fight has you covered! We’re throwing cakes and pies (and donuts and s’mores) at each other to see what sticks. Your founding foodies have been up close and personal with several wedding desserts in the past year. April braved baking a towering three-tier cake and lived to tell the tale! And for an alternative perspective, Sarah offers a rundown of the non-traditional sweet treats at Amy and Adam’s wedding, including the main attraction: mini-pies.

The options may be overwhelming, but we’re here to help! And whatever dessert path you end up taking, it will taste amazing — just make sure your choice reflects your style. And don’t throw any cake or pies at your reception — leave the food fighting to us.

So You’re Baking A Wedding Cake. Read This First

by April

So you’ve agreed to bake a wedding cake … and now you’re panicking. Never fear! April and Julia have done it — and they’re here to tell you everything they wish they had known before they started.

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Not A Fan Of The Traditional? Better Sit Your Mother Down.

by Sarah

Not a fan of the traditional wedding cake? There are tons of non-traditional options to treat your guests that don’t involve fussy tiers. As a counter to April’s cake, I give you pie. And s’mores … and donuts.

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