November 29th, 2013

Turkey, Cheese Balls And Cranberries … We’re Stuffed

In this feature, we take one food in three directions: sweet, savory and a spin. Sounds easy if you’re talking tomatoes — but a sweet burger? And with the spin, you may be in for a culinary adventure … or an atrocity. You just never know.

Happy Black Friday, fellow Eaters! Or, as we like to call it, the first day of our detox. In the spirit of sharing our favorite family traditions, your founding Eaters bring you a Sweet, Savory and Spin: Thanksgiving Edition. Every table has its own take, but most of us stick with the traditional meal. You have to have turkey, right? But how do you prepare it? Just ask Amy! And if you love the sides more than the bird, check out Sarah’s new take on cranberry dressing and April’s classic crunchy cheese ball. Food coma time?


By Sarah

This isn’t your momma’s can-shaped, wiggly cranberry relish. And there’s an added bonus: It doesn’t require any cooking. This colorful side is fresh, sweet, a little tart … and just happens to be the secret ingredient that makes Sarah’s turkey dinner sing.

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By Amy

Turkey can be one of the most labor-intensive meals to make. All that energy to get it READY for the oven, then, once it’s in, all you can do is wait. WTE hopes having a few of these tricks up your sleeve will stack the odds of a juicy masterpiece in your favor. Brine on…

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By April

Everyone’s mad for Mid-Century these days, which means April’s grandmother’s cheese ball will be a hit at your next Mad Men party. No soup-mix envelopes in this crowd pleaser, folks — just fresh veggies, herbs and high-quality cheese. Groovy.

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