September 28th, 2012

Stone Soup Throw Down — Commence Casting!

Two Eaters go head-to-head in an attempt to one-up their opponent’s culinary skills. And you, dear reader, get to be judge and jury. Try the recipes yourself, then visit our Facebook page to cast your vote.

This week, Sarah defends her title against challenger April in a heated lunchtime battle. It’s stone soup — the concept based on the folk story where members of a community all contribute to a common meal.

Think of those spare ingredients from a recent dinner or the plethora of extra veggies from your garden. On their own, kind of plain jane.  But combined with your friends’ or co-workers’, you just might come up with something yummy for lunch.

Which community’s efforts got it right? Read on and decide for yourselves.  Then, as in our last Food Fight, check out our Facebook page and vote!



Creating Soup, Sans Stones

by Sarah

In this corner we have Sarah, taking on her opponent with an interpretation of stone soup at work … what concoction will stressed, tired programmers create?

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Collective Quiche Goes Pan-Latin

by April

April teams up with two talented cooks to deliver a spicy punch: two collective quiches with a Latin touch that will leave Sarah in the (chili) dust.

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