August 1st, 2012

Welcome to We The Eaters!

Welcome to our little food community, where we hope you’ll become more than an avid reader. In the coming months, we’ll be implementing a merit system that will allow you to become a contributor. We’re really excited to start a conversation with our readers, to share ideas and inspiration, and to embark on this culinary adventure together.

But first, we’d like to thank the Academy…

OK, joking aside, there are some folks we need to thank. Don’t fall asleep yet — there’s some important info following on how We The Eaters works.

First and foremost — Adam, our amazing web developer. Without you, we simply wouldn’t exist. Max, who braved a thousand edits to help us make the look of this site a reality. Our wonderful friends and family, because it’s your encouragement and excitement that’s kept us going.

Thanks for bearing with us. Speaking of us … find out more about the masterminds behind We The Eaters here.

There’s no real trick to using the site, but there are a few things you need to know:

Each month, there’s a theme. Each week in that month, we’ll serve up a different take on that theme.

August 2012:  Grilling
Week One: Grilled Burgers
Week Two:
Grilled Sides
Week Three … We’d reveal more, but that would ruin the surprise. You get the basic idea.

So thanks for joining us — we look forward to cooking with you!




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9 comments on “Welcome to We The Eaters!
  1. euforia says:

    Congratulation, Amy and friends! Amy, is that your grandma wooden spoon in the picture that you showed me a while back?

    • Amy says:

      Yes, it is Grammy’s spoon — and her bowl. These two items are some of my favorite possessions. I love how the spoon is worn from decades of turning round and round in that bowl; the bowl with it’s own chips and personality. It makes me feel closer to her when I use it, I only hope I can someday be as good a cook!

      • Diana Haskell says:

        Hello, Amy,

        It was a delight to meet you and Adam at the opera Friday night. I went to the website and noted your innovative approach to cooking. I am passing this on to my daughter who is more of a chef than I am. Before I file your card away, let me give you my email address.

        • Amy says:

          It was nice to meet you, too, Diana! Hope your daughter enjoys. We are always on the hunt for new writers if she finds she likes the community!

  2. RIck Holter says:

    There’s a distinct lack of candy-related content, April…

  3. April says:

    That’s no accident, my friend! I’ve had enough candy to last me for quite some time. I visit the dentist this week, too — she may well support my candy hiatus 🙂

  4. Hi Amy,

    How are things? I wanted to connect with you about “Be Your Body” dance events that The Spa Room is sponsoring in March….and I couldn’t find the business cards you gave me.

    Catch up soon, Melissa

  5. Rita Carroll says:

    Would love to share some recipes and fun food – let me know how

    • Amy says:

      Hi, Rita! We are always looking for community members who’d like to write a post. Is that something you;d be interested in? Email us from the About page!